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Montague Brothers Coffee was founded by Raphael, Nichole, Gatlin and Colton (the Brothers) in 2020 with the vision to be a comfy, community-focused café for Wildomar. We are passionate about our coffee and our Wildomar community. We strive to use quality ingredients, and source them locally when possible. We also feature other small businesses in our shop. Here you can learn more about how we turned our vision into reality.

Our story

Raphael’s mother, Alexandra, always made fresh single serve pour over cups of coffee for family & friends. Folks would always say that Alex makes the best coffee. This further developed Raphael’s passion for coffee. At 17 years-old Raphael joined the Marines and that's how he ended up in Southern California and met Nichole.

Nichole grew up in Murrieta. She had lived in Murrieta since it was a small town with open fields and a population of only 14,000. When Nichole was a teenager she started working at her parent's small family restaurant, Honeycutt Farms. First as a waitress, then as the manager.

Raphael and Nichole have always shared a passion for great coffee. They would spent their day off together making fresh ground pour overs, French presses, or aeropress coffees. In 2007, when Raphael finished his time in the Marines, he helped open a local coffee shop and worked as a barista. He loved the process and the sense of community a coffee shop has. Raphael has now worked as a first responder for over a decade but has not lost his passion for coffee.

In July 2020, Raphael’s wonderful & compassionate father Tommy became very ill and a month later he passed away. This was devastating for both Nichole and Raphael. It was also a catalyst for Nichole, who truly loved Tommy. It made her realize that life is finite. Within days she told Raphael, “We need to start the coffee shop you have always talked about.” This inspired our slogan to “Be like Tommy.” Raphael wrote this quote merely hours before Tommy passed away.

Tommy always made personal sacrifices for his friends and family. He was selfless and a mountain of a man. We could all see and feel the love that poured out of him. Tommy wasn't just Raphael's dad, but also his best friend.

We love Tommy. We hope through our shop and community involvement, it inspires others to "Be Like Tommy." Check out our "Be like Tommy" Awards.

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